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Date:            1 & 2 March 2022
Time:            8pm
Venue:          Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox

Performed in English, 
Approx. 70 minutes with No Intermission
This performance will be followed by a 20-minute discussion with the audience on Environmentally Sustainable Theatre-Making Practices in Singapore. On the panel are Key Researcher/Producer Charlyn Linda Pereira, Director Wisely Chow, Actor Adib Kosnan, and Representing Designers. Moderated by Koh Yi Wei.
Vincent van Gogh is dead. His brother, Theo, who was too overcome with grief to speak at the memorial, has invited artists, friends and anyone who would listen to him to an evening of shared memories of his beloved brother. It is his hope that he will finally be able to express himself that night and do justice to Vincent's legacy and reputation.

Originally presented by the Guthrie Theatre, this multi-image dramatic staging received rave reviews when it was toured with Leonard Nimoy (famous as Spock from 'Star Trek') playing the one extraordinary role. As the Variety critic put it, "The actor doesn't have the stage to himself. He plays against the celebrated artist's brilliant painting..." 



Theatre has been often used as a vehicle to communicate environmental issues like global warming and climate change. However, this might not mean that it had applied any environmentally conscious practices in presenting that message. This play explores the impact of theatre-making on the environment, and barriers of adopting Greener theatre-making practices in Singapore through readings, articles and interviews with theatre-makers.

Charlinda & AGAM Theatre Lab presents "Vincent" by Leonard Nimoy, to show audiences that green practices can be applied to any type of performance - and not only in performances about the environment, whilst balancing the artistic integrity of the work.


In addition, this presentation will celebrate the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh on his birthday month of March, while hoping to achieve the following:

1. To raise awareness of the environmental impact of performance making, and

2. To inspire young theatre makers to explore other green performance-making practices and discover their own ways of reducing the carbon footprint in their future works. 

3. Create a brighter spark in the community to positively challenge the way we are creative.







Production Stage Manager


Production Designer

Creative & Pdn Consultant

Lighting Designer

Multimedia Designer

Sound Designer 

Collateral Design

Front of house



Supported by

Wisley Chow

Charlinda Pereira




Subramanian Ganesh

Alberta Wileo

Muhammad Nurfadhil

Nallu Dhinakharan


Durga Devi



Adib Kosnan

National Youth Council



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