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AGAM is dedicated to producing captivating, groundbreaking, and meaningful theatrical experiences that encourage critical thinking within our community. We aim to inspire individuals to contemplate the world around them and express themselves constructively and creatively.

We sincerely implore you to champion our cause and join us as a partner in shaping the future of Singaporean theatre, one that challenges norms and provokes thoughtful discussion. Your generous support will have a profound impact on our ability to create empowering theatre that is deeply rooted in our culture, embraces diversity, and remains relevant to our time.

To show your support, please click on the "DONATE" button below and share your love with us. Rest assured, we will promptly respond to your gesture of generosity.


Thank you very much for considering our mission.

AGAM is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore as a charity and recognized as an Institution of a Public Character. Every donation made is eligible for a 250% tax deduction.

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