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This forum is brought to you digitally by AGAM Theatre Lab supported by National Arts Council's Digital Presentation Grant.

Date :       5th September 2020

Time :      11.30 am to 1 pm

Mode :     Facebook Live and YouTube Live

Tickets :   Free online


Briefly, this is the second instalment of the forum that aims to offer a platform for ongoing dialogues between Tamil and Intercultural Theatre makers in Singapore with the intention of a deep discourse on ways to improve collaboration and creative expression. Our panelists and topics to be covered include:


1. Theatre and Spiritual Development 

    by Dr Ravee Vellu

2. Theatre and Drama in Education 

    by Ms Aishwariya Shanmuganathan


3. Pan Indian Identity in Singapore's Theatre 

    by Mr Subin Subbaiah


Moderated by Ms Udaya Soundari













Overall, the forum was well received by those who attended digitally in Facebook live and Youtube live. There were more than 1,550 views during the live event and with more than est 260 unique digital viewers from several countries. The insightful questions asked via the pre-forum survey and via the live chat in the streaming sites was a testament to the enriching discussion that happened in the morning. Many watched the event with the fulfillment and motivation to create a change concerning the domain they were involved in. This was what the team envisioned and was happy that the outcomes were met. The team is also delighted to have Dr Seetha Lakshmi write a analysis on the event on the previous segment. The team is now crowdsourcing for future speakers and topics in the next edition of this forum.

The following are some of the reviews and comments from those who attended:

Yogeshwari Preshant


Excellent effort with the forum. Truly enjoyed everyone's sharing. Excellant choice of speakers for specific specialisations. I havent enjoyed something to do with theatre for a Long time! Tahnk you AGAM!

Siva Kumar Menon


Drama has many by-products that actually helps with a holistic approach to learning involving multiple intelligences that are brought into play. People overlook these. Each school especially at primary level should at least have a drama club if curriculum time is not available. Thanks for this discussion.

Dharanmurali So Gopal


Thank you for the forum.

Kavitha Krishnan


Thank you AGAM Theatre for this initiative and Subramanian Ganesh for this invitation. Insightful and enriching. Creation of exchange space equally important as we practice. Perspectives from process driven work - thank you for spelling this out Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan. And Interesting perspective Ravee Vellu.

Suren Jake


Thanks for an enriching and thought provoking morning...and looking forward to the opening of the theatres especially Tamil theatres.

Durgah Devi Palanisamy


Well done team.

A.P. Raman


Well done AGAM theatre.

David Pandarakkannu


Thank you for the robust discussion.

Thirunalan Sasitharan


Congratulations Agam Theatre Lab! This is an excellent introduction to the Tamil understanding and thinking of the Theatre/Drama connection to logos. We are familiar with this thinking in Natyasastra and Aristotle but do need to hear more of the Tamil perspectives.

Lekchme Sekhar


What I see there is not much advertisement upon theater drama. Compared to cinema. That need to change. Thank you AGAM.

Srig Laks


Thanks for the session.

Nara Yanan


Wonderful start! Best wishes.

Jitenram Kiran Bala


This segment is really thought provoking! Thank you Dr Ravee Vellu S!

Parimala Fakirisamy

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