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First, let’s look at why we started the NAADAGAVAATHI series.

Though Singapore Tamil theatre’s origin is almost as old as Stamford Raffles’ Singapore, there has been very little study of this tradition. There were travelling troops from India who came to stage dramas and ‘Therukoothu’ (traditional Tamil street theatre). Since then, we have grown and seen our talents and horizons multiplied in many ways. At one point since the 1920s until now we had 60 Tamil theatre groups practicing Tamil theatre in Singapore. However, there have been only a few meaningful discussions and reflections. 

We came to a realization that we need to develop a deep understanding of the art and its underpinnings. We will need to understand the rich heritage that the fraternity has been blessed with. This would in return allow the fraternity to flourish and contribute to the Singaporean landscape further with our works. Hence, Nadagavaathi was born. To be able to keep Singapore's cultural heritage alive amongst Indian youth. To be able to develop conversation about how important it is to value artists as well as the arts. To be able to look into ways to value and develop audience. Come, Lets talk Theatre!


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