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People at AGAM


Subramanian Ganesh



Subramanian Ganesh’s body of work spans in the field of performing arts embracing a wide range of roles such as directing, acting and lighting design. A committed practitioner with a desire to push artistic boundaries amongst his generation in Singapore, Ganesh is considered a promising figure at the forefront of Tamil theatre scene in Singapore. He started his theatre journey as an actor 15 years ago. He has since built an impressive portfolio, working with almost all of Tamil theatre companies in Singapore. By working with a multitude of professional groups, he has displayed a ceaseless zest to hone his craft as a director and a collaborator of theatre works.


Nallu Dhinakaran


Nallu Dhinakharan is a passionate professional with a proven track record in the Arts scene both as a practitioner as well as an educator with relevant experiences and achievements in both fields. In 2008, he and his team took part in the Cannes Film Festival Community Documentary Category and were awarded the Distinguished Community Documentary Award. A theatre practitioner for the past 13 years, Nallu has been involved in several noteworthy Tamil language theatre productions in various capacity over the past decade, the most noteworthy of which was ‘Murasu’ in 2015 which he wrote after an intensive 4-month research phase. As a pioneer Cultural Geographer in the research of performance as a carrier of Tamil Culture in Singapore, he has a strong personal interest in furthering the scholarly works of Tamil theatre in Singapore. 


Durga Devi



Exposure to the arts started at a tender age for Durga. Being involved in dance productions as a dancer and having witnessed drama productions as an audience got her intrigued into the makings of the arts scene. She has always believed that the food for soul lays in this exposure to the arts. She would love to develop this interest of hers and contribute back to the arts scene that has made her who she is today.



Associate Projects


Ponkumaran is an Engineering Graduate (B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering) from National University of Singapore and a Civil Servant. He is passionate about the Arts and has experienced the arts scene in a variety of roles. His experience in people management in both arts and corporate world are relevant in arts making. 


Mathangi Narayanan


Mathangi is a classically trained singer and a Trinity College trained actor. As a versatile actress and production manager, she has been part of several group overseas performing various positions in numerous productions. Her versatility in English and Tamil gave her opportunities to work with several organizations in the short span that she has been in Singapore.