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Subramanian Ganesh’s body of work spans in the field of performing arts embracing a wide range of roles such as directing, acting and lighting design.


A committed practitioner with a desire to push artistic boundaries amongst his generation in Singapore, Ganesh is considered a promising figure at the forefront of Tamil theatre scene in Singapore. He started his theatre journey as an actor 15 years ago. He has since built an impressive portfolio, working with almost all of Tamil theatre companies in Singapore.


By working with a multitude of professional groups, he has displayed a ceaseless zest to hone his craft as a director and a collaborator of theatre works.​​​

Company Manager

When Banupriya took a break from performing, she focused on finding her place in Singapore’s arts ecosystem. In 2022, she started a platform with funding by MCCY’s Self-Employed Person Grant (SEPG) – the Scarlet Mela Festival of the Arts, to celebrate and develop young and upcoming independent cultural art practitioners. 


Driven by this, she created SMFA - a space for traditional arts practitioners to experiment with their art form and challenge their preconceived notions about their work. This included artists from different cultures, who then used their form to attempt to address social issues or personal questions, and discover a personal style. 

Banupriya wears many hats in her career. She produces, dances, teaches and does arts management. In addition, she runs her own Bharatanatyam dance company, called Mandala Arts, which focuses on empowering dancers through training with an emphasis on mental and emotional well-being. 

Production Stage Manager

Charlinda is highly skilled and experienced stage manager, specializing in theatre and entertainment events production planning and scheduling, recruitment and contracts, and technical theatre, possesses a BA(Hons) in Arts Management, providing a solid foundation in project management for arts events.

Throughout her career, she has worked on a diverse range of productions, including producing shows such as "VINCENT," "Cyril & Michael," and "Subtitled 1.0." Additionally, she served as an associate producer with AGAM Theatre Lab and HuM Theatre. Noteworthy contributions as a production stage manager include productions like ARISI:RICE by Apsaras Arts, Vilangkuppannai (Animal Farm) by AGAM Theatre Lab, and We Are Like This Only 3 by HuM Theatre.

Charlinda’s organizational prowess and attention to detail are complemented by excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Proficient in technical theatre, encompassing stage management, lighting, sound, and multimedia operations, she exhibits a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Volunteer, Non-Executive Director

Nallu Dhinakharan is a passionate professional with a proven track record in the Arts scene both as a practitioner as well as an educator with relevant experiences and achievements in both fields. In 2008, he and his team took part in the Cannes Film Festival Community Documentary Category and were awarded the Distinguished Community Documentary Award.


A theatre practitioner for the past 15 years, Nallu has been involved in several noteworthy Tamil language theatre productions in various capacity over the past decade. His passion lies in research, music production as well as administration.


As a pioneer Cultural Geographer in the research of performance as a carrier of Tamil Culture in Singapore, he has a strong personal interest in furthering the scholarly works of Tamil theatre in Singapore.

Company Administrator

Jia Jing is effectively bilingual in Chinese and English with prior experience in arts administration and programming.


With a keen interest in the visual arts sector, she has previously contributed to areas relating to artist liaison, exhibition coordination and project management.


She aspires to continue contributing towards platforming artists and their works in the most artistically-balanced and ethical way possible.


Exposure to the arts started at a tender age for Durga. Being involved in dance productions as a trained dancer from Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society for 15 years and having witnessed drama productions as an audience, it got her intrigued into the makings of the arts scene.


She has always believed that the food for soul lays in this exposure to the arts. She would love to develop this interest of hers and contribute back to the arts scene that has made her who she is today.

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