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Stamford Arts Centre Blackbox

Fri, 16 Dec 22 & Sat, 17 Dec 22

Presented in Tamil and English 
Duration - Approximately 1 hour 15min with no interval
Tickets at S$18 - S$20 
Early bird & Group discounts at S$15!



When an opportunity presents itself, what determines who succeeds and reaps the benefit of the accomplishment? Is it truly based on one’s skill and talent? Does the system control who could be the winner? What actually defines the winner? Or is there something more?

We follow a group of five strangers who stumble upon a rare opportunity to break the ‘unbreakable’ Uri. What motivates each one of them to attempt this challenging task

Is it for the reward?
Is it for the pride of accomplishment? Or
is it because of the unsaid expectation of taking part since everybody else is?
The task, which previously has been accomplished by no one before, how will they manage to complete it?
By working together or do they scheme for the right opportunity?
Finally, when they do manage to smash the Uri, was the reward as good as expected?
Did everyone’s effort pay off equally?
And what changes did the accomplishment brought about to these people?

Uriyadi is a story that discusses these questions about human behavioural trait in our current society.

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Supported by

Hemang Yadav Nandha

Dr Ravee Vellu

Akhilesh Dayal

Vinith Kumar

Yeo Hon Beng

Tharsiny Balakrishnan

Shobha Thiban

Alexander R Sharmila

Durga Devi

Koh Yi wei

Lo Land

Nora Samosir

Yazid Jalil

Karthikeyan Somasundaram

Dalifah Shahril

Sharda Harrison

Rani Kanna

Melissa Manuel

Saranya Panneerselvam

Nagarajan Nivedha

Y Karthikeswaran

Kavya Holur Kannan


National Arts Council

Arts Fund



Uriyadi is a traditional and famous game that is celebrated in many places as a part of Pongal celebration. The game is similar to "Smash a Pinata" and is a fun and amusing game. 

How to Play Uriyadi?
→ An earthen pot is hanged on the top at a height of 30 - 40 feet from the ground.
→ The pot is decorated beautifully and filled with water, ghee, eatables or gifts.
→ Participants would be blindfolded and the game organisers will make them stand at a distance from this pot.
→ People around would misdirect the participant from reaching the hanging pot.
→ But still the blindfolded participants should reach near and break the pot with the long sticks provided.
→ One who breaks the pot will be declared as winner. The winner can take all the gifts in the broken pot.
Uriyadi Title
Uriyadi Title

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Uriyadi Title
Uriyadi Title

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