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Date:             24 November, Thurs
Time:            2pm
Venue:          Golden Village VIVO City 

Presented in Tamil and English 
Approximately 55min with no interval

This November, the beloved children’s Indian classic Thenali is presented by AGAM with Thinkidz children aged 2-5 Four short stories. Four different Countries. Four different Cultures. 

Thenali Ramakrishna was a poet and an advisor to King Krishnadevaraya. He was known for his amazing wit, humour, and extraordinary intelligence. All the stories of Tenali Raman tell us about his relationship with the king, his wisdom and his problem-solving capabilities. Acquaint your child with Tenali Ramakrishna with his amazing tales with a twist.

It’s so important that children become familiar with the classic tales. They provide a story-telling structure that is essential to developing early composition by following a familiar path of introducing characters and settings from the get-go, as well as a plot that always includes a beginning, build-up, problem, resolution and end. 


Having deep familiarity with these story structures as well as classic characters and themes in children’s literature is a spring board for children to become authors themselves, and only once children know these stories inside out can they start to have fun with challenging those structures and the stereotypes within them. 


They can begin to reimagine these stories – retellings that follow a familiar narrative but that have an exciting twist or that turn the plot and characters on their heads.

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