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Red Chairs


We provide artists with short-term space to explore initial-stage ideas with other like-minded artists through research and academics. We also intend to create the next level producers who will be the key to Tamil theatre.


Project Management and Producing


We offer general management services to artists and companies on their project(s) including touring opportunities and facilitating new relationships and collaborations with other artists internationally. The team seeks to maximize the possibilities of extending artistes’ creations to all communities through unique and professionally curated events, management and dealings, hence enabling great talents to shine in the way they deserve to



Grant Writing


Starting an amateur dramatics society is an exciting goal. However, talk of financing the group often puts a damper

on volunteers‘ collective enthusiasm. Without a doubt, it can be challenging to find money to fund a troupe and then keep it running ―in the black.But if you‘re savvy, keep your overheads low, and look for funding opportunities, you‘ll be able to keep your real (or figurative) doors open. Hence, we provide grant writing services for funding applications and proposals.





We offer customisable talks to organisations with a curiosity for the arts, ranging from topics about a career in the arts, arts research, working collaboratively to building international networks, etc.





We are available for consultations to artists seeking advice on projects, proposals, research,higher education, etc. Also providing bespoke consultation service for artists seeking short-term support on project management, proposal writing, etc. We also provide finance management services for projects.



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