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பச்ச பங்களா ரெட்ட கொலைடா
(Twin Murder in the Green Mansion)

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Date:       Fri 24 Nov - Sun 26 Nov 2023
Time:      3pm & 8pm
Venue:    Esplanade Theatre Studio 
Presented in Tamil with English surtitles 
Duration - Approximately 2 hour including 15min interval 
Tickets:   $35 & $28 (excluding handling fees)
All Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 50% of the programme cost.



Killarious Chaos at the Green Mansion! 


“Break a leg!” takes on a whole new meaning for a woefully misguided troupe of players at the Chutney Drama Society’s opening night performance of Pachae Bungalaa, Rettae Kolaedaa.


An unconscious leading lady, a corpse who can’t play dead, a ruffled detective, and a word-mangling butler (among others) must battle against technical gaffes, forgotten lines, and sabotaging scenery in a quest to arrive all in one piece at the final curtain call. Part Monty Python, part Sherlock Holmes, all mayhem, this disastrously delightful whodunit will leave you in stitches! Twin Murder in the Green Mansion is inspired by the British play, The Play That Goes Wrong.