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Fri, 17  Sep - Sun, 19 Sep 2021


Re.SOMMA (Tamil)


The first of it's series to explore the life of local artistes. The story begins when a young theatre playwright, Sasi who wishes to write a play about Re.Sommasundram. Sasi met Re.Somma a few days earlier at Pradhana Vizha’s opening event. It was also at this event that it was announced that Re.Somma would be receiving this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the media industry. The play explores the journey within a journey which will offer an insight into the creative and personal life of the veteran, Re.Somma and also offer a peek into the mind of the playwright capturing it.

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Sat, 20 Feb 2021




Duryodhanan will be the first digital theatre production of AGAM Theatre Lab and will add value to its strong contributions to Tamil theatre’s digital presence thus far (refer to AGAM Theatre Lab’s part project of Digital Archives of Singapore Tamil Theatre). This production will be filmed outdoors, edited and packaged for a high-quality online broadcast. The play which has been tastefully written by Dr Elavazhagan Murugan who will add this to his rich suite of characters and scripts that he has explored surrounding the Hindu epic, Mahabharata.

Mr Re. Sommasundaram, a local theatre veteran and a lifetime achievement awarded winner in Vasantham’s Pradhana Vizha 2016, will be playing the lead as Duryodhanan. It is key to note that 40 years ago, as a junior broadcaster, Mr Re. Sommasundaram was revered for his portrayal of Duryodhanan in then Radio Television Singapore’s (RTS) broadcast of the Radio Drama titled ‘Mahabharatam’. As such, his current portrayal of Duryodhanan after nearly 40 years will be a sigh to behold.

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