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Date :            18 Jan 2022 to 03 April 2022

Time :            9.30pm

Mode :          Vasantham Mediacorp and MeWatch

Producer :     Lakshmi Venkat


“Her head held high she walks while looking everyone in the eye, She is a fearless possessor of integrity; She is a proud possessor of wisdom born out of conviction; The resolute woman does not falter or feel inferior; Despite facing sorrow and criticism, She is capable of deriving pleasure from her life; Throwing off vanity, she emits the beauty of a woman, She rises, making her voice heard!” - Bharathiyar

Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi (1882-1921), or Bharathiyar as he’s popularly known, one of the most iconic Tamil poets, remains relevant even in the current day, particularly for his views on women empowerment. Based on his ideaolgies, we have developed a contemporary play that will be recorded and screen on Vasantham Mediacorp. 

This will be the first time Vasantham has commissioned a project covering the making of a theatre production. In this 10 part series, there will be focus on how the production is made, behind the scenes of rehearsals, capturing discussion of collaborations with musicians, dancers, singers, set design, lighting design etc. 

We feel it’s important that art be used as a medium to reflect current society. Bharathiyar was way ahead of his time. He was someone who presented us with profound poetry, in very simple language. And so, his reach was phenomenal. His works have been visited and revisited multiple times. That’s why I decided to throw light on this composer, but from a different lens

The concept of having multiple art forms that complement each other is not new, but has existed since the Sangam time. Mostly in the current day, we see dance and hear music along with it. But, there are also other aspects to our art forms. The idea is to collaborate and bring discourse, drama, dance and music together for this production.

This production is produced by Vasantham Mediacorp, brought to you by Gravitas Media Singapore. Agam Theatre Lab is delighted to collaborate with Gravitas in this 1st of its kind project which goes behind the scenes of theatre making. Our Founder Ganesh Subramanian directed the play which forms the main subject of the 13 part series.  



If there is one Tamil poet who resonates with all lovers of the Tamil language, cutting across barriers of nationality, age, or social class, it must be Subramaniya Bharatiyar. He has bequeathed to us an unmatched legacy - an ocean of songs, poems and writings that give us solace in our moments of sorrow, that inspire us to rise and fight back when we feel beaten, that prod us to question social injustices. 2021 marks his 100th death anniversary. And we pay tribute to this genius by creating an original musical that weaves in not just his poems and songs, but also speaks of how his writings and thoughts continue to inspire generations of Tamils.


A Poets legacy

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Bharathi's Love Poems

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Siva and Shakthi

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The Quintessential Tamil Poet

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Bharathi’s Ideal Woman

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The Fearless Poet

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A Play Takes Shape

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A Musical Feast

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Setting the Stage

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Mahakavi the Musical (Finale)

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