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AS A COLLECTIVE(Before agam was born)



This archival project is brought to you by Tamil digital heritage group and AGAM Theatre Lab.

Date :          25th November 2017 

Time :          10 am to 1 pm

Venue :        National Library Board

Tickets :       Free with registration


Tamil theater in Singapore is reported to have started more than a century ago but there is little evidence. Even today, when Tamil theater is flourishing in this country, it lacks proper documentation. The Digital Archive of Singapore Tamil Theater (DASTT) attempts to collate and annotate the history of Tamil theater developments in this country and make them available in digital form to anyone anywhere at no cost.

In this pioneering effort, the focus will be on collecting scripts, publicity materials, recordings, reviews of as many Tamil plays as possible. Such an archive will not only be a historical record but, more importantly, it would serve as a veritable teaching resource for the current and future generations of theater makers. It will also be a reference source on Singapore's political, economic and social developments to the extent Tamil plays are a reflection of the society in which they are produced and performed.

While little of the distant past exists, this project will aim to preserve as much of the available materials as possible. In the multi-lingual tapestry of Singapore theatre, this digital Tamil collection is designed to play a crucial role in providing a comprehensive view of the whole scene.

The project was launched on 25 November 2017, and it can be accessed at NLB's National Online Repository of the Arts (NORA) -

Chief Co-ordinator: Mr Ganesh Subramaniam




TAMIL MURASU 27.11.2017


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