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Date:            17 - 19 Jun 2022 ,Fri to Sun
Time:            3pm & 8pm
Venue:         Esplanade Theatre Studio
Tickets:         $35 (excl handling fees)

Presented in Tamil with English surtitles 
Approximately 2 hour 15 mins with no interval
“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” 

This is the story of how a revolution goes wrong. How the genuine disaffection of those in desperate need of change becomes weaponized and putrefied by a ruthless political class. From the brutal Stalinist regime that prompted Orwell in 1945 to write the story, to the empty promises of today’s demagogues, Animal Farm is a chilling reminder of how absolute power is seized and how it’s retained. 

Agam Theatre Lab is thrilled to be presenting the world premiere of a new dramatic adaptation cultural medallion recipient, P Krishnan and assembled by an award-winning creative team, Animal Farm is a dynamic, daring and contemporary take on a timeless story.  The play which was originally written as a full-length play in 1971 and only a fraction of it was aired as a two-hour radio drama in May of 1971. 50 years on, Agam Theatre Lab will be staging this legendary play by Mr P.Krishnan as a full length stage play for the first time ever.




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Subramanian Ganesh

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

Subramanian Ganesh

Karthikeyan Somasundram

P Krishnan

Karthikeyan Somasundram

Nallu Dhinakharan

Udaya Soundari

Charlinda Pereira


JS Sasikumar

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Indu Elangovan
Karls Karthikeyan
Akhilesh Dayal

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AGAM has pivoted Tamil theatre to a different level all together! Handling a broadway musical is no easy task at all! You guys took that bold step & delivered well on it! It was evident that detailing was the order of the day! Clearly a lot of research & study was carried out on animal movement. Every character irrespective of main role, supporting or cameo were so well nuanced! Excellent Direction!! Clearly intense focus to scripting & dialogues to maintain the high energies, pace & momentum were sustained throughout! This is the toughest in any broadway! Superb casting! Every character delivered to a tee! Kuddos to the artistes! This was no easy play! The demands were tough! It was so clear that they were eating, breathing & literally living their characters! How well they absorbed their character to bring the each role to life! Loved the set design! It was clearly designed for the characters! So flexible & complemented the whole visual treat! Designing & make-up superb! A musical treat indeed! This production shld tour! It certainly deserves that!
- Sabanitha Shanmugasundram - Head, Indian Audience, Mediacorp

AGAM Theatre Lab, a critically acclaimed local Tamil drama group has adapted the latter's work and uncannily timed the staging of the play this weekend at The Esplanade. Aided by some competent acting and nifty backstage support, the satire seemed to have spoken especially loudly today. The pugnacious but prescient pigs are certainly worth a visit!
- Rajaram Ramasubban- Registrar, National University of Singapore

George Orwell’s Animal Farm was a school literature text almost four decades ago. It remains one of the best literature I have read. And memories of it came rushing back last night at the Esplanade Theatre - in what I would consider one the best, if not the best theatre experiences I have had. 
And to watch it in beautiful Tamil (P Krishnan’s adaptation) was magical. All characters gave a stellar performance but what stood out for me was Mollie played by Indu Elangovan. Her body language was amazing - she literally lived the life of a vain, pampered horse. 
An exceptional Tamil theatre experience with fantastic casting, great make-up and dramatic background music. AGAM Theatre Lab’s Subramanian Ganesh - you and your team make tamil theatre walk tall. 
- Azhagiya Pandiyan - Senior Head (Tamil Language Services) at National Library Board

I'm glad I caught 'Vilangkupannai' (Animal Farm) by Agam Theatre Lab. High production quality, energetic, powerful, engaging performances and comforting sounds of the Tamil language.
- Chandran Rama – ACT 3 International

Congrats AGAM Theatre Lab for the energetic Animal Farm. Hoping more get to see it! It was great to watch it in an almost full auditorium. Thank you for putting this work together.
- Alvin Tan – The Necessary Stage

Extremely well done Thoroughly enjoyed myself. One of the best Theatre production I have attended. Congratulations.
- Thevagi – Tamil Language Learning and Promotion Committee, MOE

There’s a lot to praise about this production but above all, I loved how the actors got into character. The prosthetic makeup was so realistic. The characterization went beyond special effects and costumes though, and showed in minute details like the sounds the animal characters made (snorting, squealing, neighing, crowing, growling), their gaits (trotting, pouncing, limping), even how they held their arms and fists throughout the play (the pigs wrapped their fingers around the thumb to make trotters, the dogs folded their digits to make paws, and the horses held their limbs in a way that gave them a knobbly appearance). What I found remarkable was not so much about Marx, Trotsky and Stalin being represented on stage. It’s the cast and crew’s spin on the story that makes it something more and a treat to watch. I liked the tweaks the team made to adapt it to a Singaporean audience. For instance, the jabs they took at Sg (fines, two-child policy), and making Mr Pilkington speak Singlish. I also liked that the actors roped in the audience for some songs and chants. There are English surtitles, making it accessible to everyone who doesn’t speak Tamil. Thanks for bringing this unique play to the stage Subramanian Ganesh
- Ramu Vairavan – Theatre enthusiast

'Vilangupannai' a brilliant play by Agam Theatre! A clever adaptation of 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell. Karthikeyan Somasundaram & Subramanian Ganesh kudos to ur fantastic interpretation. The cast were amazing!
- JK Saravana – CEO, Tantra Inc

Today our team witnessed a historical moment in Tamil Theatre. As educators we have always believed in immersive learning. An experience that will leave you completely enriched and spellbound. Animal Farm staged by Agam Theatre Lab was all that and more for us! If you have not witnessed this play, trust us, you are losing out on a chance of a lifetime! Oh Agam! We were completely floored! Congratulations!
- Yogeswari Preshant – Think Tamil Academy 

Vilangkupannai! A modern day adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I have no idea whether there has been a Tamil adaptation done for this anywhere else, but I’m glad I watched this play! Enjoyed every second of it! It was not just the powerful cast, it was not just the compelling script and screenplay, it was not just the well-thought of set and clever use of the props. It was all of that, but it was something more than that. I went in having known about the story and its gripping allegory of one of the greatest socio-political subtexts of the world. But somewhere during the play, I was made to question my pre-existing beliefs. Something I would not have bet upon prior to the play. But that was what this play did for me.
- Vicknesh Rajamohan  – Theatre enthusiast 

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